4333 Admiralty Way

Marina Del Ray, CA 90292



DWV / Waste Pipe Replacement - Phase 1 Emergency Replacement



Year Built: 1970

Number of Floors: 16 per building

Number of Units: 600

Total Project Value:

Club Restaurant Emergency Replacement Project; $370,000



Like many buildings constructed in its era, the Marina City Club began experiencing issues with their cast iron waste pipe. Believing the issues were insignificant and isolated, the management initially addressed the pipe leaks by making repairs on an as-needed basis as a part of their maintenance program.  As time progressed, their pipe issues multiplied and they soon realized that the situation was far more serious – their old cast iron pipes had corroded from the inside and were beginning to systematically fail. After researching service providers, the Marina City Club selected our California Division to address the issue. 


Our team was awarded the contract by the Marina City Club to immediately address a nearly catastrophic issue – waste being piped into the popular five-star restaurant. Through careful planning and precise coordination, the Bergeman Group seamlessly removed the ceilings, installed a temporary bypass system, and replaced the failing 46-year-old pipes within a few weeks without interruption to the Marina City Club’s schedule of weddings, events, and special occasion celebrations. 

I have worked with Dana Bergeman on major construction projects. Without question, having him on the team reduced our risk.
— Jim Neely, Vice President of Construction, Starwood Vacation Ownership